Eso Autograph Collection: Metallica Crewneck Sweaty

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*Introducing the long awaited and much anticipated Eso Autograph Collection: Metallica Crewneck Sweaty.  Made exclusively by-hand in the studio of Esoterikos in Highland Park, CA*
The timeless look of the rock band sweatshirt has become nothing short of iconic over the years. ESO Vintage specializes in an exclusive distressing process on a carefully curated selection of band tee shirts. Each tee shirt is hand distressed by renowned artist, esoterikos., at his studio in Los Angeles, CA. The artist's intention is to curate and design an exclusive aesthetic and finish for each and every band tee.  

ESO Vintage's Process Includes:
-Hand Distressing
-Hand Acid Washing
-Hand Alterations
-Hand Customization
-Hand Selected, Curated and Made to Each Individual Order