ESO Disclaimer

**Please Kindly Note**
When purchasing our products, there will be personalized variation from piece to piece as each is hand-made and created custom for each order.  Although the process for each piece is similar, no two pieces are the same.  This exclusive quality results in a rare and uncommon look throughout our product line. If you do make a purchase with us, be rest assured that NO ONE else possesses the same piece.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at:  
Please remember: every single piece is made by hand, made from scratch and each one is customized specifically for each order.  With that being said, please allow 4-6+ weeks  to receive your customized piece. 
Don't see your style or aesthetic in the ESO Shop? No problem.  Send us an email with your size, style, color choices, etc. and we will gladly make a customized piece just for you!