Eso Brand Ambassadors

Good Morning!


We have received several inquiries from all sorts of folks in regards to being a brand ambassador for Eso Vintage.  We are flattered and humbled that so many cool + interesting people want to work with us.  We are ALWAYS looking for more faces of our brand and here are a few of the things we are looking for:

-A substantial social media following

-An edgy, unique look and style

-Experience with modeling, design, etc.

-Portfolio of past brands you have worked with

-A specific plan or strategy in mind for what/where/how you would wear and display our pieces + how you would communicate that to your following, as well as ours

-A serious and passionate approach to your craft--we love people who are determined to take their craft to the next level


If you check all of the above boxes and you are ready to work with us, please email us your details at:


Thank you!